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Product name :Tool Post/Toolholders-Italy Type
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CodeSpecificationStock QuantityAdd
951-5100 5Pcs/set,1pc toolpost MK
951-5200 5Pcs/set,1pc toolpost M
951-5300 5Pcs/set,1pc toolpost A
951-5400 5Pcs/set,1pc toolpost B
951-5500 5Pcs/set,1pc toolpost C
951-5600 5Pcs/set,1pc toolpost D
951-5700 5Pcs/set,1pc toolpost E
951-5800 5Pcs/set,1pc toolpost F
950-5200 master block M 7-10"
950-5206 height adj. srew for block M
950-5207 extractor for block M
950-5208 long screw for block M
950-5209 short screw for block M
950-5210 srew stud for block M
950-5211 extractor screw for block M
950-5213 dowel pin for block M
950-5214 hexagon wrench for block M
950-5215 T-key for set screw for block M
950-5216 boring bar toolholder for M block
950-5217 parting-off blade holder for M block
950-5218 boring bar locking screw for block M
950-5219 parting-off blade locking prong for block M
950-5220 prong locking screw for block M
950-5221 flat-seat toolholder for M block
950-5222 V-tool holder for M block
950-5223 morse taper toolholderr for M block
950-5224 eccentric clamp pin for block M
950-5225 tenon for block M
950-5250 master block 501-AR-AP 10-12" (250-300MM)
950-5256 height adj. srew for block 510-AR-AP
950-5257 extractor for block 513-AR-AP
950-5258 long screw for block 512-AR-AP
950-5259 short screw for block 511-AR-AP
950-5260 srew stud for block 509-AR-AP
950-5261 extractor screw for block AR-AP
950-5262 spring for block AR-AP
950-5263 dowel pin for block 508-AR-AP
950-5264 hexagon wrench for block 516-AR-AP
950-5265 T-key for set screw for block 515-AR-AP
950-5266 boring bar toolholder 540-AR-AP
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